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Softline Comfort Iso access doorwhite coated, with additional insulation

with concealed snap locks, for ceiling and wall installation

  • Detachable door leaf
  • Easy installation
  • airtight due to circumferential EPDM seal
  • With wall anchor as standard for secure mounting
  • Door leaf with insulation inlay
  • Durable powder-coated surfaces

The Softline Comfort ISO access door is suitable for installation in walls and ceilings in dry and solid construction.
The closed door is sealed air- and dust-tight by a circumferential hollow chamber seal and is sound- and heatinsulated. The door leaf is equipped with an insulating thermal insulation material which contributes to the climatic isolation from the room side. Two concealed snap locks can be released for opening by lightly pressing against the door leaf and locked again for closing. The surface on the visible side is powder-coated in RAL 9016, Traffic White, in the standard version.
Sound insulation value tested according to DIN EN ISO 10140 / DIN EN ISO 717.
Classified sound insulation value Rw = 27.6 dB (size 600 x 600 mm).

Softline Comfort Iso white coated:
Clear opening: A3 -15 mm x B3
Construction opening dimension: A1 +5 mm / B1 +5 mm

Installation film access door Softline

 Data sheet (PDF)
Installation instruction (PDF)

Access door Softline Comfort ISO

Order no.Size
A x B (V)
In­stall­ation di­men­sion
A1 x B1
Out­er dim­en­sion
A2 x B2
Clear width
A3 x B3
T2 / T3
27-760200 x 200194 x 194238 x 238168 x 16838 / 250.8
27-761300 x 300294 x 294338 x 338268 x 26838 / 251.3
27-762400 x 400394 x 394438 x 438368 x 36838 / 252.0
27-763500 x 500494 x 494538 x 538468 x 46838 / 252.8
27-764600 x 600594 x 594638 x 638568 x 56838 / 253.7
All dimensions are in mm / (V) = lock side
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