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SecuTecna EI120 access panel50 mm for installation in self rated fire protecting suspended ceilings

with square lock and safety wire

  • Sturdy steel construction, zinc-plated
  • Fire protection set, two-part, in lightweight mineral fibre material
  • Detachable flap lid with catch mechanism
Brandgeprüft von unten (Raumseite) DIN EN 1364-2. Brandgeprüft von oben (aus dem Zwischendeckenbereich) DIN EN 1364-2 (a <–> b)(a <– b)

Tested according to EN 1634-1. Fire exposure from below in plasterboard ceilings with fibre-reinforced plasterboards according to EN 15283-1. Normalized sound level difference tested according to EN ISO 10140-2: 34 dB (dimension 400 x 400 mm).

The SecuTecna access door from RUG SEMIN is intended for installation in fire protection suspended ceilings of 50mm thickness. The access door consists of a steel frame and a flap lid in steel with 2x25mm fleece-reinforced fire protection boards. The flap lid is equipped with a square lock for secure closing. For inspection work, the flap lid can either be opened and be left suspended in the frame or also be completely removed. On opening, a catch mechanism provides protection against the dropping down of the lid. The lightweight mineral fibre fire protection set is arranged in the intermediate ceiling area in accordance with the instructions and is easy to handle due to the low weight.

Access panel for fire protection suspended ceilings EI120, available as special design, tested in dimensions up to 800 x 800 mm. It is essential to indicate which dimension is to be assigned to the lock side.

Classification report is available upon request.

Clear opening: A3 -6 mm x B3
Construction opening dimension: A1 +5 mm / B1 +5 mm
Fire-protection set: A2 +32 mm / B2 +32 mm

 Data sheet (PDF)
Installation instruction (PDF)

2 x 25 mm plasterboard inlay DF according to DIN EN 520 - EI120 (a <– b)

Order no.Size
A x B (V)
Inst&shyallation dim&shyension
A1 x B1
Outer dim&shyension
A2 x B2
Clear width
A3 x B3
T1 / T2
22-441300 x 300301 x 301354 x 354298 x 29851.5 / 208.1
22-443400 x 400401 x 401454 x 454398 x 39851.5 / 2013.2
22-445500 x 500501 x 501554 x 554498 x 49851.5 / 2019.2
22-446600 x 600601 x 601654 x 654598 x 59851.5 / 2025.8
22-448800 x 800801 x 801854 x 854798 x 79851.5 / 2044.0
All dimensions are in mm / (V) = lock side
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