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Alumatic Acoustic access panel for acoustic ceiling for perforated gypsum plasterboard inlay

with concealed snap locks and self-adjusting safety catch arms, for ceiling and wall installation

  • Made to measure according to hole design
  • Continuous hole pattern is retained
  • Prepared for on-site perforated plate mounting
  • Also suitable for other inlays, e.g. veneer sheets or similar
  • Special sizes for ceiling installation two- or multi-leaf (bridge-free)
    are possible
  • Self-adjusting safety catch arms on all sizes offer maximum safety

Mounting frame and panel lid frame made of torsion-resistant anodised quality extruded aluminium profile. The access panel is manufactured in the desired dimensions according to order. When ordering, it is essential to state which dimension is to be assigned to the panel side.
The offered nominal dimension (mounting frame outer dimension) is manufactured in accordance with the perforated plate design used, accurate to the mm for central installation in the grid. The panel cover frame inner dimension is 10 mm smaller. The perforated panels must be
installed by the customer in accordance with the grid. Special sizes for ceiling installation, double or multiple leaf (bridge-free) are possible.
The installation of the access panel in this size requires, for instance,

  • the correct manufacture of the recess
  • the necessary replacements according to the guidelines of the suspended ceiling manufacturer
  • rigid suspension with vernier suspension
  • the instruction of the user on how to open and close the entire construction

Required information:

  • Perforated plate design or hole pattern
  • Desired construction opening size

Assembly instruction: For wall installation, the locks must be positioned upwards.
Custom-made products on request.

 Data sheet (PDF)
Installation instruction (PDF)
Request for certificate

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