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Softline Pro access door white coated, very stable

for ceiling and wall installation

  • Very stable design made of 1.5 mm sheet steel
  • Easy installation
  • Detachable door leaf, can be installed on the left or right
  • Ceiling installation up to 800 x 800 mm
  • Durable powder-coated surface
  • With wall anchor as standard for secure mounting

The Softline Pro access door is distinguished by its rigidity and robustness. Due to high material usage and a welded construction, doors for wall installation up to a size of 1×2 m can be manufactured. The doors are fitted with square locks as standard. The steel components of the access door are galvanised and subsequently powder coated in RAL 9016 (Traffic White). This provides the access door with double and very good corrosion protection.

Custom-made products:
Grid dimensions in 5 mm steps, from 1,800 in 100 mm steps
Ceiling installation max. 800 x 800 mm Width x height
Wall installation 1-leaf: min. 150 x 150 mm max. 1,200 x 2,000 mm
Wall installation 2-leaf: min. 300 x 300 mm max. 2,000 x 1,200 mm
Also available with cylinder lock or prepared for profile cylinders

Installation film Softline

 Data sheet (PDF)
Installation instruction (PDF)

Softline Pro access door with Z-profile frame

Order no.Size
A x B (V)
In­stall­ation di­men­sion
A1 x B1
Out­er dim­en­sion
A2 x B2
Clear width
A3 x B3
T2 / T3
22-690600 x 600595 x 595660 x 660550 x 56522 / 366.6
22-691600 x 1200595 x 1195660 x 1260550 x 116522 / 3612.4
22-692800 x 800795 x 795860 x 860750 x 76522 / 3610.6
22-6931000 x 1000995 x 9951060 x 1060950 x 96522 / 3616.8
22-6941200 x 12001195 x 11951260 x 12601150 x 116522 / 3622.6
All dimensions are in mm / (V) = lock side
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