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Alumatic EI30 access panelsmoke, air and dust tight for installation in self rated fire protecting suspended ceilings

with circumferential EPDM hollow chamber seal and plasterboard inlay, with concealed snap locks and safety catch arms

  • Additionally prevents the escape of cold smoke and thus protects against poisoning
  • Ideal for rooms in which the supply and exhaust air is routed via the ceiling cavity
  • Used especially in clean rooms and operating theatres where special air management (over/ underpressure) is required
(a –> b)

Tested for fire protection class EI30 according to DIN EN 1364-2 in conjunction with DIN EN 1363-1. Tested for smoke tightness according to DIN EN 1634-3. Tested for air permeability according to DIN EN 1026 and DIN EN 12207. Test results in the best classification level (window class 4).

Built-in gypsum plaster fire protection board DF, 2 x 12.5 mm, 2-part fire protection set made of DF, removable panel lid. Mounting frame and panel lid made of torsion-resistant anodised quality extruded aluminium profile, fire protection set made of gypsum plaster fire protection boards.
Classification report is available upon request.

Custom-made products and dimensions on request (50 mm grid). It is essential to specify which dimension is to be assigned to the lock side.

Clear opening: A3 -12 mm / B3 -32 mm
Construction opening dimension: A1 +5 mm / B1 +5 mm
Fire-protection set: A2 +141 mm / B2 +141 mm

 Data sheet (PDF)
Installation instruction (PDF)

2 x 12.5 mm gypsum plasterboard inlay DF according to DIN EN 520 - EI30 (a –> b)

Order no.Size
A x B (V)
In­stall­ation di­men­sion
A1 x B1
Out­er dim­en­sion
A2 x B2
Clear width
A3 x B3
T1 / T2
22-918300 x 300300 x 300341 x 341251 x 25125,5 / 479.1
22-919400 x 400400 x 400441 x 441351 x 35125,5 / 4713.1
22-921500 x 500500 x 500541 x 541451 x 45125,5 / 4718.6
22-922600 x 600600 x 600641 x 641551 x 55125,5 / 4724.4
All dimensions are in mm / (V) = lock side
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