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Alumatic 2-Wing-C access panel for mounting in suspended ceilings in drywall construction

with concealed snap locks and self-adjusting safety catch arms for 12,5 mm, 15 mm, 18 mm und 2 x 12,5 mm

  • Realization and closing of large inspection openings in suspended ceilings
  • Web-free clear width available as inspection opening
  • Optimal operation by reducing the weight of the cover
  • Quick assembly of the finished installation frame in the ceiling opening

The RUG SEMIN access panel “Alumatic 2-Wing-C” is the solution for closing large inspection openings in suspended ceilings. The opening dimensions are divided into two wings, which are lined up in a defined way. Each wing can be conveniently opened from below and, for example, remain hanging in the ceiling or be completely removed. Due to its special design and components, the Alumatic 2-Wing-C thus enables optimal operation and handling from the room side. The installation frame made of aluminum profile is completely prefabricated and
equipped with a lip seal. The wings are equipped with self-adjusting plastic catch arms, thus limiting the opening travel of the wings after opening and preventing them from falling out of the frame.

Delivery program / special design
Access panel with 2 wings for ceiling mounting:

• planking thicknesses 12,5 mm, 15 mm, 18 mm and 2 x 12,5 mm
• sizes in 10mm grid available on request
• with RS square lock
• square and triangular cylinder lock
• cylinder lock
• available prepared for profile cylinder insert

Minimum nominal size A = 800 mm / Maximum length A = 2000 mm
Minimum nominal size B = 300 mm / Maximum width B = 1200 mm
The closures are located on the width B

Montage Alumatic

Data sheet (PDF)
 Installation instruction (PDF)

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