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Rüdiger und Gebäude

RUG SEMIN: Europe’s leading provider of access panels.

We are your partner for access panels for dry wall construction.
Our comprehensive and broad product line of access panels includes access panels and inspection doors, with or without fire protection, chimney doors, tile frames and much more.
Custom-made products and special solutions are no problem for us.
Just ask!

We develop products that offer architects, planners, specialist contractors and specialist retailers maximum safety and comfort.

You get more than 40 years experience in the area of access panels and fire protection with RUG SEMIN (formerly Riegelhof und Gärtner). We make no compromises when it comes to protecting people and material assets.

Our tested and certified fire shutters give you safety you can trust. We constantly monitor developments and changes on the market so you don’t have to, and provide you with the right products that meet current requirements. We help you to meet your delivery and completion deadlines with our high availability of goods and fast delivery times.

The RUG SEMIN safe series – system-independent and legally secure.
The fire shutters from RUG SEMIN’s safe series are officially approved. This makes the product line system-independent and legally secure. Our safe series fire protection panels and doors can be used in virtually all dry wall construction systems.

With RUG SEMIN’s inspection closures you can be independent and flexible!

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