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AluLight-C EI30 access panel 2 x 12.5 mm for installation in self rated fire protecting suspended ceilings

with gypsum plasterboard inlay, with concealed snap locks and self-adjusting safety catch arms

  • No fire-protection set in the plenum
  • Economical solution for suspended ceilings with fire protection only from the room side
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Self-adjusting safety catch arms on all sizes offer maximum safety
Brandgeprüft von unten (Raumseite) DIN EN 1364-2. Brandgeprüft von oben (aus dem Zwischendeckenbereich) DIN EN 1364-2 (a <–> b)(a <– b)

Tested in accordance with EN 1634-1. Fire load from the underside of the suspended ceiling. Normalized sound level difference tested according to EN ISO 10140-2: 36 dB (dimension 400 x 400 mm).

The AluLight-C EI30 (a < b) access panel is specially designed for installation in independent fire protection suspended ceilings with one of the requirements being “fire load from room side only” and a fire resistance class of EI30. It provides reliable protection against fire spreading from the room to the suspended ceiling area for 30 minutes. The lightweight aluminium mounting frame is fitted with a fire protection strip. The inspection panel cover is filled with two inlays of fire protection boards DF (GKF) with a thickness of 12.5 mm. The cover is secured on both sides by self-adjusting safety catch arms. The catch arms guarantee that the panel lid is caught every time it is opened. The cover is easy to be removed and replaced.
Classification report is available upon request.

Clear opening: A3 -32 mm x B3
Construction opening dimension: A1 +5 mm / B1 +5 mm

Custom-made products and dimensions: on request (50 mm grid)
It is essential to specify which dimension is to be assigned to the lock side.

 Data sheet (PDF)
Installation instruction (PDF)

2 x 12.5 mm gypsum plasterboard inlay DF according to DIN EN 520 - EI30 (a <– b)

Order no.Size
A x B (V)
In­stall­ation di­men­sion
A1 x B1
Out­er dim­en­sion
A2 x B2
Clear width
A3 x B3
T1 / T2
22-470200 x 200201 x 201240 x 240192 x 19225.5 / 301.2
22-471300 x 300301 x 301340 x 340292 x 29225.5 / 302.1
22-472400 x 400401 x 401440 x 440392 x 39225.5 / 304.0
22-473500 x 500501 x 501540 x 540492 x 49225.5 / 305.2
22-474600 x 600601 x 601640 x 640592 x 59225.5 / 307.2
All dimensions are in mm / (V) = lock side
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